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Wonderful sunrise over Chiquibul

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Big Falls

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Cristal Cave

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Cave Tubing

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Che Chem Ha Cave

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**BZM Tours Extreme Adventure Package

BZM Tours
Extreme Adventure Package

We at BZM Tours take you to the most extreme Rainforest of Belize, the worlds second longest enchanting Barrier Reef in the country, and the world’s only known jaguar reserve whether it be for Ecology, Ornithology, Marine Biology and Nature-Lovers.BZM gives its guests the thrill of snorkeling, wake boarding, zip-lining and cave exploration and these are just to name a few of the endless activities to partake in for the adventure package.

We welcome couples, families, honeymooners, friends’ groups and students’ groups (discounts are available for students). Our top-of-the-line prices are all inclusive of taxes, lodges, transportation, expert guides, entrance fees, all necessary equipment and of course food.

On arrival to Belize International Airport, BZM tour guides will welcome you (and your family/friends) with sincere enthusiasm. Transfer to Tropical Education Center (T.E.C.) for a Lecture on the History of Belize and dinner, combined with a night zoo tour.
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DAY 2 - Crystal Cave TOUR

We start our journey from T.E.C. at 7am on the Western High-way, where we turn on to the Humming Bird High-Way to the parking lot of St,Hermans Cave and the Inland Blue Hole.

We hike for 45mins through Tropical Rain Forrest to a spectacular entrance of the Crystal Cave.inside you will be able to see Ancient bones,Skulls,Potteries,Fire pits ashes ,and Magnificent countless natural formations with the Chambers litters with Crystalline quartz.

The most amazing Chamber of the cave is known as "WONDER-LAND", where you will see obsidian blades,pieces of Jade,this is the most beautiful area you can ever imagine being 400ft below sea level.

learn and live the adventures of the ancient maya,their uses and believes, of their under-world know to them as (Xibalba) only BZM Tours can take you to the most magnificent and adventurous Crystal Cave..After the tour we then drive you to the Inland Blue Hole for a refreshing swim.

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Wake up early to the sounds of Nature and Bird Calls. On this day we will do the longest zip line in the country with it being one mile long in the lush tropical rainforest of Belize.

After zooming through the forest, we take a hike to the top of May Flower National Park’s waterfall for a swim and a spectacular view of the Caribbean Coastline or you can rappel down 1,000 feet down the waterfall.

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Visit the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the world’s only protected area for Jaguars. Over 200,000 acres of land has been set aside to protect the rare and elusive spotted Jaguar. Studies conducted in this park for Jaguar life has concluded that around 2,000 Jaguars still inhabit this area. Each wild cat needs approximately 30 acres of land to survive with its 585 different species of birds.

We do river tubing and hikes to different waterfalls within the Jaguar Preserve. Night hikes are also available for the adventurous seekers. Note: This Park is managed by a reputable Non-Governmental Organization known as Belize Audubon Society. Donations are welcomed to help protect the Jaguars. You can contact them through their website, or through us,

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Snorkel the world’s second longest barrier reef with its length being 185 miles long. See exotic marine life such as different species of fishes, sponges, and corals, mangroves islands.

For this tour, we start from a Garifuna community on a 25-minute boat ride out to sea to see a natural world full of life or dive the magnificent Barrier Reef to see hawks-bill turtles, eagle-ray sting rays, and in some occasions bottle-nosed dolphins.

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After a couple of days of extreme adventures, we then pack all luggages and head on to the Belize International Airport for you scheduled flight back home.

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Reminder: Take Note
Items to Bring for Jungle Tours:
  • Camera
  • Extra Water
  • Long Pants
  • Long Sleeved shirt
  • Hiking footwear
  • Swim wear
  • Medication if necessary
  • Water shoes
  • Clean pair of socks
  • Good hiking shoes
  • Extra Clothing
  • Bug Repellent
  • Sun Screen

Items to Bring for Snorkeling:
  • Sunscreen
  • Socks
  • Water shoes
  • Water proof camera
  • Light long pants (Nylon type)
  • Light long sleeved shirt to prevent sunburn (Nylon type)

Please let us know if you are allergic to any type of food as we can do our best to accommodate for you and if you are vegetarian or eat anything.

Prices are in US Dollars and are per person for a complete package

TOTAL COST P/P: $1,437.00 USpp

Email us to prepare your best tour in Belize. BOOK NOW!